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September 06, 2022
What is the significance of cloud monitoring in a business.

In some way or the other, we all use cloud on our electronic devices connected to an internet. This is also true for businesses and organizations. Nowadays many organizational operations depend on cloud infrastructure.

July 26, 2020
Cloud Migration Strategies

While planning for the cloud migration the business needs to get the understanding of the best approach for the public, private or hybrid and the sequence in which the applications and workload to be transferred to the cloud.

July 20, 2020
IT in VUCA World

21st century has witnessed a paradigm shift from the industrial revolution to digitalization and all this has been breathtaking. If we look at the market of today, it is standing at a turning point as every enterprise has now become an information technology company where to-be digital is an entry fee to remain relevant in the market.

July 14, 2020
Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft 365

Our MaaS (Migration-as-a-Service) is a full-service migrations services that allows business to remain focused on their strategic activities while Core IT team manages the complete migration process. We provide MaaS for migrations from any ecosystem to Microsoft 365. Here we are mentioned few of our best-practices that we follow while migrating to Microsoft.

July 03, 2020
Security in the Cloud

The only question that puts the business in dilemma and delays cloud adoption is, whether the data is safe in the cloud? The unassuming answer to this question is: yes the data is safe in the Cloud if appropriate security and risk management measures have been taken

September 13, 2019
7 Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage as a service allow users to store data online which is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. Cloud storage services have provided cost effective and easier way to store data and to access data from anywhere in the world.

September 06, 2019
Why is API management system valuable for business analytics?

APIs serve as a portal for organization works and provide information about the enterprise’s operations, interactions, and business unit details. Thus it provides an opportunity to instrument API management tools to collect data instead of instrumenting the entire enterprise providing better output.

September 04, 2019
How to choose the best data solution for your analytics needs?

The choice of data solutions helps to define the overall architecture solution along with specific needs that fulfilled by data collection and visualization tools. However, enterprises must define their needs and design an appropriate foundation early in the journey regardless of which data solution they choose to incorporate automation and innovation along the way.

September 02, 2019
Monitoring- Integration-As-A-Service (MIaaS) – What is it?

Monitoring cloud operations are a big task. And enterprises are embracing multi-cloud platforms to best suit a given application. To monitor across this hybrid environment, there must be effective multi-cloud strategies to get the best out of it.

August 30, 2019
How is Cloud backup different from standard datacenter backup?

Backup is a part of Disaster Recovery(DR). However, the procedure for backup during DR is different for standard datacenter and cloud. Both these processes involve money, as well as time and enterprises, must be able to identify which process works the best for them.