IT in VUCA World

IT in VUCA World
IT in VUCA World
July 20, 2020

21st century has witnessed a paradigm shift from the industrial revolution to digitalization and all this has been breathtaking. If we look at the market of today, it is standing at a turning point as every enterprise has now become an information technology company where to-be digital is an entry fee to remain relevant in the market.

Amid all this technology transformation, a lot of businesses are not able to rein the power of the digital wave to remain competitive. In today’s world, to remain competitive, businesses are required to apply digital in a more influential way.

We at Core IT understand the dynamics of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world and assist businesses to leverage technology to cater to the demands of employees, customers, and stakeholders so that business remains relevant to changing times. We assist SME to understand business and people at a holistic level so they can deliver as the requirement changes.

At the heart of this digitally business world is the customer experience management and to get the best it is required that existing business functions and the IT transformation planned is in sync with the desired requirement.

If we look at Remote Infrastructure Management & Monitoring (RIMM) services it has undergone a drastic change in the last five years and also this happened because of changes in technology coupled with customer aspirations.

As we know the network is the backbone for the digital transformation, IT operations, and other business services that IT is rendering but businesses face difficulty not only in planning but also in the selection and adoption of the latest technology. We not help in planning and execution of network-related projects but also provide services to monitor and manage the same.

The digital transformation has also brought along with it a new era of IT security threats and the threats are only increasing due to increased connectivity with people across the firewall; more network-connected devices and sophisticated security attacks. IT security threat is no more a problem only of large enterprises but SMEs across the globe are facing the wrath of IT security breach. 

Our IT security consultants assist businesses in putting-up strong defenses at the time of cyber threats. IT security is not a one-time project as there is a continual torrent of new security threats and in the face of this, IT security has to be a top priority for every business. Keeping all this in perspective, our consultants, have a rigorous approach towards IT security. We assist businesses by doing a holistic and continuous review of security for end-user computing devices, networks, and applications.

We at Core IT understand that the technology should help the business to seek continuous innovation and simultaneously VUCA world should be looked as an opportunity, not as a threat