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December 31, 2018
Ransomware: The Latest Buzz In Cyber Hacking

Core IT provides security services to prevent ransomware attacks on your organization by implementing proactive measures and policies which ensure that your organization will remain protected from such attacks always.

December 28, 2018
Are Your Information Assets Ready For An Adversity?

The past few years have seen a large number of firms being attacked by hackers for stealing information and selling that information in the open market. The companies have policies and protocols in place which control this, but what happens if a natural calamity occurs where the data center exists. CoreIT helps the companies to back up their data in such scenarios.

December 26, 2018
Information Security For Doctor's Office

Adherence to HIPAA is mandatory for any business that handles health data. The consequences for failing to do so are severe. Learn how CoreIT can secure your network from cyber attack & help you to adhere HIPPA compliance.

December 24, 2018
Cloud Integration Services

The cloud integration services by CoreIT assists business to remain relevant by maintaining the data version and providing seamless interaction experience to users across different enterprise applications.

December 21, 2018
2017: Year Of Security

The year 2017 is turning out to be a year of IT security as there has been a tremendous rise in security attacks. It is anticipated that sophistication of the attack would increase as the attackers have access to latest technology allowing them to avoid detection making no business immune to a security attack.

December 19, 2018
Information Security For SMB

CoreIT provides information security for small and medium businesses by implementing right set of security mechanisms, a framework of best practice and standards.