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Security Audit & Compliance Services

Cyber Security Audit

It is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of business's IT infrastructure. It identifies threats and vulnerabilities, exposing weaknesses and high-risk practices.

Application Audit

It provides a view of how secure are the applications. The proper functioning of the web, mobile and desktop applications ensure the smooth operations of the business.

Database Audit

As the privacy regulations are getting increasingly complex the database audits have become the key compliance components and requires to be done periodically.

Backup Audit

Backups have become vital for business continuity during IT security breach. In this Audit we check what and how data is being protected and how it can be restored.

Data Migration Audit

The data migration audit ensures the integrity of migrated data, control framework in the new environment, business continuity by assessing security measures and effectiveness of migration methodology and processes.

Network Audit

It determines the health of network infrastructure by collecting information of different network parameters and to resolve discovered issues for optimum network performance and security.

Operating System and Control Audit

This audit identifies key threat to the operating system and validate the access privileges, password policies, audit trail controls and check for installation of any malicious programs.

DLP Audit

As cloud, virtualization and BYOD has become integral to business it becomes imperative to undertake data loss prevention audit to identify, monitor and control sensitive business information.

WFH Audit

The pandemic has changed the way of working and with increase in work from home environment and it has become indispensable for businesses to reassess their approach and controls related to addressing work-from-home employees and teams.

VPN Audit

The VPN audit is an efficient way to identify vulnerabilities associated with VPN usage, including applications, servers, and the infrastructure so that VPN policy changes can be identified to reduce security threats.

Social Media Access and Usage Audit

We audit the implementation veracity of social media policy within the organization by assessing the process, controls and usage pattern for all the employees including WFH and VPN users.

Firewall Audit

Firewall audit is important to identify vulnerability to IT infrastructure, customizing security policy and report any changes made to firewall.

Web Application Firewall Audit

WAF audit checks the configuration of WAF devices to manage threat to web apps such as XSS, SQL injection and cookie poisoning. We cover all the available WAF devices and to create a checklist and features of respective WAF models.

Routers and Switch Audit

In this Audit we cover all the Routers and Switches which are available in the organization and create a checklist as per the models and its placements.

Mobile device management and mobile application Management Audit

With increase in usage of mobile devices it becomes important for organization to manage and secure mobile devices. We audit already deployed MDM and MAM solution and create a checklist as per the solutions and its use.

CoreIT's IT audit services assist businesses in recognizing, mitigating and controlling their key technology risks. Our IT audit team assesses data integrity to understand the status of governance, process, operations of IT ecosystem within the organization. Our auditors evaluate the effectiveness of IT services ensuring that the controls to ensure are configured as desired and industry standards allowing readiness, confidentiality, and integrity of business-critical IT infrastructure and data.

Our methodology is based on industry standards that enables IT internal audit team led either by CoreIT or client’s internal team or in combination with the execution of audit projects by subject-matter experts in respective IT audit area. 


What is the purpose of IT audit?

IT audit assist organizations to determine effectiveness of IT policies and procedures, and provides roadmap for improvement by suggesting steps for meeting compliance goals. Organizations are able to detect errors & frauds, improve control and security through IT audits

What is the role of IT auditor?

An IT auditor examines and evaluates organization’s IT infrastructure, web and mobile application, data usage, IT policies, procedures and processes against defined standards and policies

What is the scope of IT audit?

The scope of IT audit depends on the objective of the audit. Generally speaking, the IT audit detect and reports gaps between risk management, control, and governance processes, as defined by organizations are adequate and functioning in a manner desired

What are the benefits of an IT audit for an organization?

  1. IT audit reduces IT risks associated to availability, integrity and confidentiality IT processes and infrastructure.
  2. Through IT audit organizations can strengthen controls and reduce vulnerability.
  3. Organizations are required to follow established standards, with IT audit it becomes easier to comply to regulations likes SOX, HIPPA, COSO etc.
  4. IT audit helps in building bridge between business and technology management of the organization as it aligns business and technology required to support it.
  5. IT audit not only improves but also strengthens IT governance and this have a direct bearing on the business objectives