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Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

Businesses are adopting cloud services to reduce operational expenses, accelerate innovation, find new opportunities, meet IT objectives effectively, and time to focus on core business.

Rapidly evolving cloud technologies landscape makes it difficult for in-house IT team to choose the right cloud technology that can assist in realizing both short-term and long-term goals. Without having a right cloud strategy in place can have negative implications on existing IT strategy, future IT technology adoption, staffing, compliance, and meeting technology-led business objectives.

Core IT cloud consultancy team help businesses to embark on cloud transformation journey by undertaking assessment for Cloud Value, Cloud TCO, Compliance & Regulatory requirements, Security, and Operating models. 

Based on the inputs from assessments we define the cloud strategy and roadmap around Cloud Migration, Governance, Compliance, Hybrid Cloud strategy, Consumption, Management, and governance. 

Our experienced cloud consulting team implements best practices and assist in minimizing risk when steering the business through various complexities of building and operating a cloud. This is achieved by collaborating with the business IT teams by providing Solution and Technology Consulting services to arrive at decisions for Service Provider Selection, Cloud Platform, Frameworks & Appliances, Integration, Data Management, Security, Capacity Planning and Sizing; Solution architecture, and Disaster Recovery.

+ Advantages

Accelerate Business Growth
Optimum Utilization of Cloud Infrastructure
Enhance Customer Experience
Automation of Processes
Collaborative Approach
Reduce Risk Reduction
Measurable Outcomes
Cost Optimization
Improve Predictability

Powerful strategies

Cloud Strategy & Transformation Roadmap: Collaboratively we define the desired future state vision and how the integration and migration to the cloud can be achieved seamlessly.
Cloud Readiness Assessment: Assessment is done to understand existing IT landscape; current and future business requirements; and at what level the business is ready for cloud adoption.
Cloud Suitability of Workloads: This helps in getting the information on various workloads and reaching the decisions which workloads are ready for cloud migration and prioritize the same.
Cloud Service Revenue Model: We develop a revenue model for cloud services by evaluating ROI of cloud investments and help in selecting the right cloud service provider appropriate cloud platform deployment and operating model