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Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

IT network complements business growth, therefore, it becomes quite important that IT network is designed, implemented and managed to provide desired performance.

With the convergence of technology, the network infrastructure should allow enterprises to collaborate wide range of services - voice, video, data, in addition to building a platform which enables high performance, security and reliability, robust manageability, and scalability.

Enterprises require IT network that allows them to operate at high efficiency and dynamically adapt to changing business needs; in addition to flexibility without complexity, reducing capital and operational expenses.

Our Managed Network Service is not only multi-service, ensemble, distributed, but also flexible to support businesses in growing social mobility analytics and cloud demand.

At CoreIT, our network engineers understand that in a hyper-connected global ecosystem, businesses can remain successful if their network delivers information swiftly to the desired audience securely and reliably.

Our network solutions are purpose-built for enterprises where automation and agility are key components of new application delivery models and services. Without diverting businesses from their strategic functions our people, platform and processes deliver desired outcomes by centralized network management across units.

Our team of network engineers is skilled in providing services around designing network architecture, building robust network layer, incidents, events and alerts management, maintaining complex data center networks and assisting business to adapt to technological changes.

+ Advantages

24×7 incident monitoring and management
Save time and expense of training staff
Performance monitoring and tuning
Managed Broadband with wide options, Cable, Fiber, etc.
Network implementation, design and audit services

Powerful strategies

Our managed network services give an opportunity to businesses to focus on their strategic business by freeing resources from IT network management.

By engaging with CoreIT for managed network services businesses get access to a skilled team of network engineers which allows them to control the IT OPEX and CAPEX while meeting business expectations.

Our network engineers are competent to design, build and manage PCI compliant network that ensures network remains up and running for mission critical applications.

Our clients are benefited by a spectrum of high-speed network options, Ethernet services, flexible bandwidth options, power network services, server load balancers with SSL offload stateful firewalls, client and site-to-site IPsec VPNs, and virtual topologies.

Our proactive monitoring and support maximizes the availability of IT network and minimizes the service restoration time, thereby offloading the burden of network deployment and management.

We understand that today's business requires an ability to connect IT with users efficiently and to meet this requirement our managed network services team works 24X7 to keep enterprise IT network secure, agile and scalable.


What is managed network service?

Managed network services include IT services, provided by an MSP, to manage the IT infrastructure, software & tools and technical support required to run an organization's IT network. It assit ogranizations to, adhere to strict compliances, get access to reliable network system, achieve secured IT environment and have smooth business operations.

Why SME should outsource network management?

The right IT support can help small and mid-size businesses to succeed in the constantly changing technology landscape. SME can get access to latest technology and skilled resources to monitor and manage their networks at a fraction of a cost.

What are the benefits of Network-as-a-Service?

Fully-managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) allow businesses with scalable methods of monitoring, maintaining and securing their enterprise-wide networks. The employees and other stakeholders can access corporate network from any geography or device, without any constrains of traditional MPLS-based architecture.

What are the key benefits of Network-as-a-Service?

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provides unlimited benefits to businesses but the top perks are

  • Centralized Connectivity
  • Proactive Support
  • Improved Uptime, 
  • Enhanced Quality of Services 
  • Network Monitoring & Management at a low cost.