Hybrid Cloud Services

How We Deliver

In today’s competitive environment it is unavoidable for business to keep working with the existing IT infrastructure as modern technology is not only providing flexible and cost-effective solutions but also giving a business advantage.

Our cloud infrastructure experts have been assisting business in building flexible and scalable hybrid IT environment allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of both, public and private infrastructure.

Our team of cloud engineers has experience of creating an optimized IT environment, by providing private cloud infrastructure for mission-critical applications and public cloud for non-critical applications. Business gets the flexibility to get the advantage by using multiple cloud models, depending upon compliance, business and performance requirements.


+ Advantage

  • Cloud Aggregation across private & public cloud
  • Single Governance framework
  • Leverage Private cloud infrastructure at our DC
  • Get Control, Flexibility & Visibility

Our Differentiator

•  Business Optimized: Fulfilling business-aligned IT objectives to provide optimized cloud services within security and compliance requirements

•  SLA Defined Matrices: Within SLA defined matrices, our hybrid cloud services provide reliable and proactive support to ensure seamless operations

•  Scalability & Control: By providing the right blend of hybrid cloud infrastructure the business team gets complete control to provision right compute to meet the variability of market demand.


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