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Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

Email is considered to be an integral component of business and it requires effective management and monitoring. With persistent security threats, adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements, storage problems, and performance issues requires a proactive support. 

At CoreIT, we understand that a minor service downtime can adversely affect the business and to manage this challenge we provide secure and dynamic email management services which help in overcoming issues related to storage, spams, and cost.

Businesses can engage with us to get professional services for email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, 0365, Google Mail for Business, and various open source email platforms.

+ Advantages

Reduce email downtime
Decrease the risk of data loss
Secured email archiving
Policy-based retention and deletion
Block spam and viruses 
Filter unauthorized content and images

Email Service Offerings

Email Operations : This includes email monitoring and management tasks to proactively support existing email environment.
Platform Migration : If a business desire to upgrade their existing email platform version or migrate to some other email platform our team will assist in planning, designing, and migration.
Hosted Email Solution : We also provide end-to-end hosted email messaging solution wherein we provide the entire email environment from hardware, hosting, operations to maintenance.