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Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

The increase in information security threats has been growing at an alarming rate and most of the organizations are not able to address their security concerns as they lack access to skilled security experts.

Core IT has been providing security services to organizations by implementing right information security policy and programs. We assist businesses to select and integrate products, people, processes, services and strategies to build and operate effective security programs.

Our security services allow businesses to formulate, implement and maintain a security strategy. We not only help in reducing risk by overcoming challenges being faced in implementation of security policy and program but also ensure that the regulatory compliance requirement adheres.

+ Advantages

Vendor Agnostic
Delivery Expertise
Skilled and Certified Professionals
Proven Processes & Continuous Improvement
Enhanced Visibility & Responsiveness
Proactive Operation Management 
Cost Optimization

Security Service Offerings

Endpoint Security
Network Security
Data Security
Security Information Management
Event Management
Vulnerability Assessment & Management
User provisioning & Access Management