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Detailed Service Pack
Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

A business that desire to achieve scalability, agility, flexibility and IT cost optimization from their cloud investments have to effectively manage their cloud infrastructure and without skilled and experience cloud operations team the cloud benefits can be eroded

Core IT has an experience of providing managed cloud services for different cloud providers. Business can leverage our cloud management and monitoring services to unleash the benefits of a flexible, elastic cloud or hybrid environment, and at the same time achieve security, visibility, reliability, and agility.

We provide specialized skills business require to manage cloud infrastructure by providing services which best fit the specific needs of business workload. Our team of cloud monitoring and management assist business in cloud administration functions like configuration, scaling and ongoing maintenance. Our approach is to collaborate with the business teams, understand the requirement and optimize the selected cloud for specific workloads.

+ Advantages

Secure, Available & Flexible
Higher Performance, and Better Reliability
Compliance Support
Cost Optimization
SLA Driven
24 X 7 Monitoring

Our Cloud Monitoring & Management Services

Managed Ezzi Cloud
Managed Azure Cloud
Managed AWS Cloud
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