Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud Migration Strategies
Cloud Migration Strategies
July 26, 2020

While planning for the cloud migration the business needs to get the understanding of the best approach for the public, private or hybrid and the sequence in which the applications and workload to be transferred to the cloud.

Core IT we provide quality driven cloud migration service that is faster, cost-effective minimum business impact. Our proven cloud migration approach addresses complex migrations for AWS, Azure and Google cloud with best of breed third-party tools and designed for specific workloads

To have a hassle-free migration we follow the best practices like developing business cases, return on investment roadmap, making a framework for a different type of cloud services provider, appropriate security policies, reference architecture and platform for cloud management.

To derive TCO and IT budgeting our consultants do in-depth portfolio analysis as it also helps in understanding the cloud investment and assists in having risk free cloud approach.

Application portfolio rationalization exercise is performed during the portfolio analysis and all applications are rated for its technology value and business complexity value.

During the evaluating the current ecosystem we undertake application portfolio rationalization exercise and conduct the workshop to baseline the application on technology and business value.

The Migration strategy we follow:

  • Decommission: Applications which have low technology or business value such as legacy applications; inactive or having limited can be decommissioned
  • Lift and Shift: Applications having high business value and required to be migrated are lifted and shifted to cloud.
  • Re-architect: We suggest to re-architecture the application cloud-native systems so that it is resilient, efficient and secured for the cloud.
  • Re-platform: Sometimes the application is required to be optimized without making a major change to the application architecture before migrating to the cloud
  • Retain: Applications which cannot be migrated to the cloud because of certain interdependencies are suggested to be retained in the current environment. If migration is a must in that scenario, we suggest a “Phased Approach”.

Core IT collaborates closely with the customer IT team and act as an extended IT arm to achieve desired goals and digital vision of the business. Our approach for cloud migration is very structured, and we follow industry best practices, best-of-breed tools so that maximum ROI can be achieved from the migration. Our outcome-driven approach and recommendation from our past cloud migration helps in achieving Cloud migrations in the most cost-effective manner.