Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft 365

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Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft 365
Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft 365
July 14, 2020

Our MaaS (Migration-as-a-Service) is a full-service migrations services that allows business to remain focused on their strategic activities while Core IT team manages the complete migration process. We provide MaaS for migrations from any ecosystem to Microsoft 365. Here we are mentioned few of our best-practices that we follow while migrating to Microsoft.

Planning and Managing Messaging and Directories for the Migration: Our Engineers assess and provide remedy for your organization’s messaging and directory infrastructures, and also merge multi-directory domains to a consolidated domain that helps in mitigating the risk of project delays and infrastructure downtime when we are integrating with, and migrating to, Microsoft 365. 

Managing Directory Interoperability:  When we are migrating to Office 365 from an Exchange environment, we leverage Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect to integrate the on-premise AD to Azure AD in the cloud. We have seen that many organizations have multi-ADs or they have Azure AD, in this scenario we use third 

User Interoperability in Notes-to- Microsoft 365 Migration: To migrate from Notes to Office 365 we use best-of-breed tools that allows interchange of email, calendar entries and user availability. Our approach helps in maintaining workflows between migrated and non-migrated users. 

Mail Migrations from Exchange to Microsoft 365: Our selected set of tools automate the complete process of mail migration from Exchange to Microsoft 365. The approach we follow for mails migration from Exchange to Microsoft 365 The advanced automation capabilities in our Exchange Pro software rationalizes the data collection, scheduling, forecasting, processing, reporting, and user communication for Exchange mailbox and public folder migrations to Microsoft Office 365 and migrating public folder data to Office 365 Groups.

Integrating Office 365 Tenants: Our directory synchronization solution secures and integrates on-premise, cloud and hybrid Active Directory environments.

G Suite to Microsoft 365 Migration: Though IMAP migrations seems to be fairly simple but most of the organizations are caught unaware as they are not able to migrate contacts and calendar information. We have a holistic approach for migrating to G Suite to Microsoft 365 migration.