Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud
Security in the Cloud
July 03, 2020

The only question that puts the business in dilemma and delays cloud adoption is, whether the data is safe in the cloud? The unassuming answer to this question is: yes the data is safe in the Cloud if appropriate security and risk management measures have been taken

Businesses across the globe have acknowledged that cloud adoption provides significant advantages by lowering CAPEX and increasing business agility.

Cloud security includes a combination of technologies, controls, processes and policies that assists in protecting cloud-based system, infrastructure and business-critical data.

The world of business is becoming more uncertain, as with new system architectures come new cyber threats. No longer can the mechanisms deployed in the past be relied on for protection”

Uncertainty has become the part and parcel of the business, as with the latest technologies and system architecture newer comes complicated cyber threats. The way the data was being protected can no longer be trusted.

Measures & Controls in Cloud Security

  1. Preventive control
    Preventive control fortifies the cloud system and reduces the cyber attack but it does not remove the issue related to threats. It assists in preventing unauthorized access to the cloud resources
  2. Deterrent control
    The deterrent control warns the respective stakeholder whenever there is an attack. If an unauthorized user tries to access any of the cloud resources it gives a warning message if the unauthorized user tries to proceed further
  3. Detective control
    Detective controls allow automated monitoring, alerting, and logging. The CSP should be able to offer visibility to spot issues before it impacts the business, heighten security, and reduce the risk.
  4. Corrective control
    Corrective controls get activated when the cloud system has been compromised by putting a stop to further damage and helps systems to return to a known good state so the business doesn’t have to face further impact.