What is meant by Data ownership in Cloud?

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What is meant by Data ownership in Cloud?
What is meant by Data ownership in Cloud?
February 04, 2019

What is meant by data ownership?

In Cloud, numerous streams of data are generated on a daily basis. Client data, data from third-party service providers, application data, process data, etc. are generated, accessed and manipulated over and over again. This makes the data ownership in Cloud difficult and the question of security is been constantly asked by experts in the industry. Thus data ownership in Cloud has a specific meaning. As service providers, Core Technologies Services, Inc. wants our clients to understand data ownership in its simplest form to foster trust and a reliable working partnership.

Who owns Data in Cloud?

Data is primarily of two types in Cloud. The first is customer data, i.e. data generated by the user on their on-premise system which they later upload it to Cloud for storage and computing process. The second kind of data is generated on Cloud itself by numerous ways like security encryption measures, applications, etc. by service providers.

Customer data or user data, prior to the upload to the Cloud can / may be governed by copyright laws depending on the customer and they solely have the ownership of the data generated. Data generated after storage has a different category of ownership which is ensured in an SLA.

To understand this in a simplified manner, consider a job portal with numerous portfolios uploaded into Cloud server; when a third party searches for the required portfolios (data), only partial information of that data like name and job designation is shown and the rest is available on request/ permission. Here the data governance exists with the copyright holder (client) and requires protocols for access. Such responsibilities are decided between the host and client to form appropriate SLAs that determine data governance and ownership roles.

Although Cloud provides multi-tier security features, it is always advised not to use any cloud service that retains ownership of partial or full user data. It is always suggested to retain maximum ownership of data, as much as possible, since valuable data exposed to third parties may pose a threat to the business body.

With CoreIT, you can have complete control over your data as we recommend the use of hybrid clouds for data governance in your business.