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Network Services

IT network complements business growth, therefore, it becomes quite important that IT network is designed, implemented and managed to provide desired performance.


Our Remote Infrastructure Management & Monitoring services facilitate streamlining clients IT operations by providing a qualified team of experts, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to contracts.

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Email Services

Businesses can engage with us to get professional services for email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, 0365, Google Mail for Business, and various open source email platforms.

Security Services

The increase in information security threats has been growing at an alarming rate and most of the organizations are not able to address their security concerns as they lack access to skilled security experts.

The overall business landscape has been disrupted by emerging technologies leading to changes in customer and the market demands. The IT infrastructure is being pushed to perform so that it can match its speed with business and this has put immense pressure on internal IT teams to meet operational excellence.

At CoreIT, we are providing end-to-end IT infrastructure services to businesses across the world. We enable businesses by providing consulting, implementation, management and support, services to design, build, run, and manage IT infrastructure - hardware, software, and network resources. Our team ensures that IT infrastructure remains robust and agile to meet the market demand at low cost.

With our 20+ years of experience, we bring knowledge and industry best practices to make IT infrastructure operations to be predictable and more efficient. Our IT infrastructure service offerings are compliant to industry standard frameworks, such as ITIL v3.


Will business lose control after outsourcing their IT services?

No, as a business owner you will still continue to have control over your IT. Businesses can decide what they want to outsource to IT vendor and what all IT services they want to manage internally.

Can we predict our IT budgets?

Yes, there are customized and predictable managed IT services subscription models. MSP helps in streamlining budget . Managed IT outsourcing services assists businesses in revaluating their approach to IT CAPEX and ongoing OPEX

Which businesses should opt for IT outsourcing?

For an SME it’s not possible to keep pace with technology upgrades, tech support, compliance and regulatory requirements. Similarly in large enterprises, the heterogenous IT environment spread across multiple geographies it becomes a challenge for internal IT team to manage IT of that scale that too while maintaining the budget. In both the cases, MSPs assist in improving business efficiency by monitoring and managing heterogeneous IT infrastructure for businesses of varied sizes. MSP works like an extended team that monitors and manages IT infrastructure to provide continuous IT services. This also helps in availability of resources for strategic work.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

Managed Services give access to expertise and best-of-breed technology to manage IT infrastructure without investing heavily in technology refreshes or IT operations. 

Key benefits are

  1. Cost Saving: One of the key perks to outsource IT services is get the benefit of cost saving.  By outsourcing routine IT services tasks businesses are able to curtail expenditure while getting better services. IT infrastructure tools are expensive and remain under- utilized because of lack of product understanding and technical know-how. MSP helps in evaluating the right tool, skilled engineers to implement and provide integrations to get the best out the IT infrastructure tool.
  2. Access to latest technology: One of the bonuses of 24X7 monitoring and management of IT environment is that of an assurance to get access to upgraded IT tools & systems and enterprise-level IT services at low cost.
  3. Trained and Skilled engineers:  By IT outsourcing businesses get access to trained and skilled resources of MSP that have experience working in different IT landscape. Businesses in this way get qualified and certified IT resources without any hiring cost. 
  4. Robust IT operations: By outsourcing their IT services to managed service provider businesses are assured to receive proactive IT support that fixes issues before the same are escalated.
  5. Adherence to Compliance: Adhering to a regulatory compliance to run a business can become an uphill task for many organizations at times. MSPs help in automating the standard processes that provides opportunity to remain agile and stable.
  6. Switch from CAPEX to OPEX model: sizeable portion of company budget is CAPEX and by switching to IT outsourcing businesses migrate to OPEX model. IT outsourcing is most trusted model to reduce IT expenditure