Working on Cloud requires new thinking - How?

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Working on Cloud requires new thinking - How?
Working on Cloud requires new thinking - How?
May 22, 2019

Before Cloud, IT industry relied much on human performance, development and an organizational pattern that promoted a relatively more lenient approach towards the employees. Executive leadership held more value and ‘gains’ like raises and promotions seemed to be a great motivational factor.

However, with Cloud, CoreIT has noticed that the executive leadership and organizational pattern has undergone a drastic change, as many new features resulted in the replacement of entire teams with automated options. This move has negatively impacted many professional, including those who advocated Cloud adoption. And at the same time, some professionals who were against the idea of migration still got to retain their job and even managed promotions along with a transition to changing technology.

In other words, many people lost their jobs, roles and responsibilities due to Cloud and the previous ‘human’ touch in an organization has seen a sweeping shift from one side of the spectrum to another.

The new age approach 
The reality of the IT industry is that pay is the factor that motivates an employee than merit or talent. And the people with a vision of what IT needs are less politically astute than those promoted to the management and this result in the paradoxical shift seen between executive leadership and visionary goals.

CoreIT believes that if there is a solution to solve this shift, then the following options can be considered:

Value: Focusing on the value delivered by IT can lead to reduce in cost and an increase in productivity and agility. This can lead to decrease in market time and also strategic use of Cloud computing.
Metrics: Suing metrics for promotions and raises can maintain the value, vision and innovation in an enterprise and can be beneficial for the executives to remain happy. 

It is generally not an easy task to implement such a shift and therefore, consulting the expertise of professionals for execution can make this shift a great success. To know more about data management and executive leadership reach out to us today.