Why should your Business be Cloud Compliant?

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Why should your Business be Cloud Compliant?
Why should your Business be Cloud Compliant?
April 26, 2019

The Cloud revolution has captured the world in its stride and has risen to the position of worldwide recognition. However the issue of Cloud compliance is still a factor that makes enterprises hesitant for Cloud migration. The major issues revolve around the type of information that can be stored in Cloud, where it will be stored and the issue of data governance and legitimate access. 

These hiccups deter companies from investing in this technology and making a move towards Cloud. CoreIT evaluates the issue here and look for measures that can solve these concerns.

Why is Cloud Compliance a necessity?
Since Cloud is a shared responsibility finding solutions to the above concerns can be difficult. Although the service provider is responsible for the physical security you must monitor and track relevant compliance-related data for your infrastructure. According to the recent survey of cloud compliance issues, published by Journal of Internet Services and Applications, it was highlighted that the top threats to compliance mapping are Abuse and wrong use of Cloud Computing, Shared Technology Issues and Data Loss or Leakage.

Why should your businesses be cloud compliant?
The entire business process becomes streamlined and follows rules and necessary protocols with Cloud compliance coming into picture. Apart from this, it helps to sustain brand reputation and generating customer trust. Another important area is that compliance regulations ensure security for those businesses that handle sensitive information not only about the company but their clients as well. Audit reports are easily generated and quick response to official enquiries as per business become possible with automatic and continuous data monitoring

CoreIT pays special attention to cloud compliance as it plays a vital role in ensuring business success for our valued customers. As a service provider we provide the necessary information and training to our client to make informed choice on data governance and control. Connect with us today to know more and to make your business successful with Cloud compliance