September 11, 2019

Every business desire to make optimum utilization of its resources but for small and midsize business it becomes more important to be more productive in less. When it comes to the selection of right IT tools it becomes quite a challenge for organizations to select the tool which is affordable, easy to manage and provides maximum productivity.

Office 365, a cloud-based productivity suite by Microsoft, has changed the way the business is being done in a dynamic business environment as it provides integrated experience of applications and services. 0ffice 365 is not only the best bet for the large enterprise but also for SMBs as it provides applications and services provided on monthly subscription fees. Before Office 365 businesses were running Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Word PowerPoint Excel, etc locally, but Office 365 provides all these applications and many more from cloud. 

SMBs by adopting 0ffice 365 into their business operations have been able to make the most by using tools provided by 0ffice 365 to meet their business needs. Office 365 gives access to new productivity tools, product updates, and allows adaption of workflows eventually increasing employee productivity without any intervention from IT departments.

Cost reduction has been a major driver for the adoption of office 365. Businesses have adopted Office 365 as it is offered at a fixed rate and the plans make it easy for a business to get certainty over software expenditure as there are no hidden bills. Moreover, Office 365 gets you over update issues as Microsoft effortlessly manages upgrades and new functionalities. 

In the global business scenario, businesses are required to provide IT services to all stakeholders in every location. As per the business the Office 365 permits to manage the number of licenses required without being interfered by IT. CTO can focus on more challenging tasks as there is no need to worry about overwhelming migration projects with Office 365.

Business teams are working in silos and it becomes quite important that a bridge between the teams can be created to provide seamless communication and knowledge sharing. Office 365 provides a collection of tools to share ideas and documents between people and devices and this intends to improve teamwork and communication.

The mobile-gen employees demand everything on fingertip and Office 365 give access to office applications on mobile devices and smartphones from any location. This empowers employees to work from a coffee shop or while commuting.

With Office 365 small and midsize business get access to the best productivity tools that are being used by large enterprise while every aspect of its management has been outsourced to a reliable third party.