What is a layered approach to Cloud Security?

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What is a layered approach to Cloud Security?
What is a layered approach to Cloud Security?
March 25, 2019

As more and more enterprises adopt public, private and hybrid Cloud platforms, standard security measures for authentication and business processes seems to be insufficient. Although firewalls, web filters, password verification, automated identity and other governance procedures are necessary, Core Technologies Services, Inc. feels that Cloud security for enterprises must encompass a layered approach to have a comprehensive secure business process.

A comprehensive security plan

Combining Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) together can be the starting point for Cloud security services. Also, the strategy needs to integrate agile processes with good performance and output to meet business goals along with regulatory compliance. 

Another layer of security, along with IDS and IPS could be the use of encryption of data while being stored or in transit, data loss/leak prevention (DLP) and user access control to a public Cloud platform. This helps to identify suspicious behavior in the system and traffic with the help of user analytics. 

Next would be data tracking. Tracking incoming and outgoing data helps to identify patterns of data transfer and visibility over system access from all service providers. This, in turn, helps to enforce policies to control anomalous access to sensitive corporate data.

Adding Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) as another layer of security can be an effective way of safeguarding Cloud services. Auditing, DLP, access control, anomaly detection, etc. gets taken care of as CASB acts as a control point for on-premise or Cloud-based software solutions.

With CASB, better visibility into all third-party applications can be achieved by giving a clearer picture of the usage of resources, the manner in which it is utilized and irregular patterns can be tracked. 

CoreIT relies on establishing a sound strategy to implement a layered security system for every enterprise. Our expertise in risk identification, shadow IT penetration, IDS and IPS makes us one of the best service providers and we help to implement and automate policy enforcement for an agile security system to improve your Cloud data security management capabilities manifold.