Top 5 Email Security Concerns And Their Solutions

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Top 5 Email Security Concerns And Their Solutions
Top 5 Email Security Concerns And Their Solutions
January 07, 2019

Today, email is one of the widely used communication tools and it is impossible for any organization to conduct business without it hence it becomes quite important that the email management is done proactively and right set of email security policies and tools are implemented within the organization to prevent any leak in information and prevent any attempt to infect systems with malware and viruses.

As a leading email management service provider for businesses, we at Core Technologies Services, Inc. bring you some valuable tips that can save you lot of time over concerns governing emails and their usage.

Malware/ Spam: Through research, it is estimated that almost 70% of the email traffic is categorized as Spam. These emails contain ways of extracting information or injecting some kind of malware that may harm your system. CoreIT specializes in thwarting email threads by introducing multi-scanning solutions leveraging on malware detection algorithms for our clients. 

Email attachment: Emails with large attachments are provided with file transfer systems to avoid any downtime. Attachments exceeding predefined size are usually scanned prompting a user interface before download - giving ample amount of time to analyze and confirm the sender’s identity/ source to ensure a malware-free download/ data transfer.

Compliance Issues: Complying with data protection regulations is one way to ensure a threat-free email facility. Choosing a provider complying with such regulations ensure peace of mind and also helps your business to be updated. CoreIT provides multi-scanning and data sanitization facilities to ensure you have a secure transfer of data and complete protection against threats.

Spear Phishing: This is a highly successful way of breaching a trusted or a known victim’s data and thus it goes by the name spear phishing as it has a very specific target. Employing scanning programs, spam detection algorithms and other software at the gateway help to trap/eliminate spear phishing and employ countermeasures. 

Data Breach: Implementing a secure emailing system that scans and secures the integrity of the emails helps to ensure the protection of sensitive data.  This helps in safeguarding the details of employees, company details, transactions, etc. away from the hands of miscreants and helps you enjoy a good email service.

CoreIT concentrates on all the above factors to ensure the client is provided with a high quality of service, thereby leading to a positive working experience.