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Things to do with your Database before migrating to Cloud

Things to do with your Database before migrating to Cloud

Databases are chunks of information that are unstructured most of the times. And to sieve through them is a terrible, expensive, time consuming process and requires enough manpower and other resources to make them efficient. That is why many enterprises just lift and shift their existing databases without any modification onto the Cloud.

What this does is, according to the experience of CoreIT experts, is that you end up running an old database at a new place without reconfiguring it to the environment’s capabilities. This induces latencies that were already inherent in the legacy systems. 

Instead, the old database must be redesigned to use the new environment resources that can improve your data management and user capabilities. Using migration as an opportunity to change, test and improve a database is often the best chance to save money in the long run.

It is always scary for enterprises to think of changing the database engines and for good reason. The public Cloud is often a scary place to initiate major changes and hence many feel it is easy to just ‘go with the flow’ unless some major changes are necessary. If migration can be considered as an opportunity as a single test and acceptance process to sieve all the data and restructure it, then it will be worth the investment. Data still rules the roost and therefore the benefits may come way down the line after the deployment of certain data-centric applications in future.

CoreIT recommends specific tools and practices to achieve this transformation. To know more in detail visit our webpage or get in touch with us today. Our experts can understand the limitations of data and can help you get the best lead in developing a better database for Cloud. 


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