Things You Should Know About Cybercrime

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Things You Should Know About Cybercrime
Things You Should Know About Cybercrime
January 04, 2019

What is Cybercrime?

Any illegal or unlawful activity using a computer to disrupt the desired state of an IT system is called Cybercrime. Over the years, this space has endured criminal activities that have been sophisticated and more evolved than the preceding ones. Financial and reputation loss entails such crimes and this space has become a watchpoint for the world and it becomes pertinent for businesses to understand what all is involved and steps can be taken to prevent the same.

CoreIT looks into the factors that influence cybercrime and discusses the measures to eliminate such attacks while the user is online on a daily basis.

Factors that influence/encourage:

Human Error: Termed as one of the largest factors for cybercrime, human errors, like sharing of password or sharing confidential information with untrustworthy partners can prove fatal.

Outdated System: Security features that are outdated on a system provides hackers a convenient window to hack into your personal space and steal away data that can help them gain some advantage over you. As one of our strengths in providing security solutions for your system, CoreIT recommends the user to only use up-to-date security measures to maintain privacy and stay protected.

Criminal Activity: Activities like phishing, pharming, introducing viruses etc. are criminal activities that disrupt a system. Most of these can be avoided by having a good security and informed knowledge about such activities.

Core Technologies Services, Inc. brings you a few ways that you can stay away from such threats and avoid any breach in data:

  1. Restrict sharing of login credentials with anyone. It is one of the major factors where a breach of data occurs.
  2. Sensitive information about bank details, credit or debit cards and identity of the account holder must be processed with care. While using them, be sure not to save them as a copy online or offline giving a chance for others to access.
  3. Classify emails from unknown sources as spam and refrain from opening them.
  4. While using service from a third party, be sure not to share any personal detail.
  5. Use an updated security measure like an anti-virus program or malware protection to keep your system safe from malware attacks.

CoreIT advises all our clients for such measures to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of cybercrime. For such services, choose us as your trusted partner and enjoy a good risk-free experience while being online.