The Value of Hybrid Cloud Services

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The Value of Hybrid Cloud Services
The Value of Hybrid Cloud Services
January 23, 2019

The Hype

To say it out loud, every company is likely to shift to Cloud in near future – this is the hype that Cloud has managed to create. Hybrid cloud has been used as a term to pull existing market towards the technology and the trend is that companies believe having a cloud could be the next best thing for businesses without actually understanding its significance. In our experience with such customers approaching us for such solutions, we at Core Technologies Services, Inc. try to enlighten the readers about the value of having a hybrid Cloud platform. 

Not all companies can shift from existing data centers to cloud. Why? 

Most of the mission-critical activities are hosted by an existing finely tuned data center that has seen a huge amount of investment specifically for this purpose. This makes companies reluctant to move to Cloud. At CoreIT, we strongly advise our clients to make the most of their investment and then slowly migrate to Cloud in future. The upside of Cloud is that it has flexibility for integrating an existing platform with Cloud without spending much. This can be termed as ‘Hybrid IT’.

Hybrid IT: It is a choice: Combing on-premise infrastructure, private and public cloud, auxiliary services all depend on what the business needs in the long run. Knowledge about the system can optimize IT and can reach a balance between cost and agility with minimum risk. The addition of value can be obtained if the services can be provided by a local host minimizing cost. This is the battle that cloud has been able to win and thus every company thinks having cloud makes them best.  

Workload: To meet fluctuating workloads, hybrid clouds run critical systems, resources, hardware requirements, etc. at the optimum but involves the cost of initial setup to migrate to Cloud. The platform would add value to your business and cloud migration can be a change with time for companies rooted in on-premise servers.

Integration: The benefits of the hybrid cloud when it comes to flexibility and future capital savings is undeniable. The seamless integration benefits with complex ecosystems can be one of the major grounds for considering a hybrid cloud migration.

Partner with CoreIT, to have the best hybrid solutions and scale your business to a world-class level giving it the advantage of a global presence and brand name.