The top 5 in-demand skills for Cloud computing

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The top 5 in-demand skills for Cloud computing
The top 5 in-demand skills for Cloud computing
April 08, 2019

The requirements of IT industry have seen a drastic change with the advent of Cloud. Many new skills were required for the new platform in the recent past to fill the skills gap because of the rapid expansion of cloud. CoreIT lists below the 5 major areas where new skill sets are in demand and how future generations can tap into the necessary profile and earn big bucks.

Big Data and Database: It is estimated that 80% of the data available in the world is ‘unusable’ or ‘invisible’ to many organizations making it difficult to categorize and structure whatever information is at hand for proper use. Big data or analytics can sweep through such data and condense them into silos otherwise known as database presenting useful information to many evolving businesses. 

Data Science: As a part of big data, data science can be used to classify useful information for creative ways to generate business value. Although it comes within the range of data analytics, the profile has surpassed its limiting boundaries and is used as a method to structure data exclusively for easy handling.

Application Security: With cyber-attacks and application security being a concern new security measures are developed for protecting one’s enterprise applications has become an area to be explored by many in the IT industry.

Containers: Containers are an agile way to secure data that can be integrated into virtual single applications – the IT industry has witnessed a surge in Container technology for developing and deploying micro-services especially for Cloud.

Cloud Enterprise App Development: App development using the DevOps method has helped to delegate Cloud issues by reducing development time and creating a robust testing method for applications making it a big market for IT personnel. 

CoreIT as a service provider feels that people with the above skill-set will see a huge demand in future. Alternatively, this will also bridge the skill-set gap that the IT industry has been facing for some time now.