Spends on Cloud Computing Security on the rise. Here's why?

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Spends on Cloud Computing Security on the rise. Here's why?
Spends on Cloud Computing Security on the rise. Here's why?
March 06, 2019

Enterprises today use different Cloud options like Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud for their business operations. Whilst using such a platform, the monitoring of data, anomaly detection, etc. can become tedious. This gives every enterprise enough reasons to be concerned about data security and processes.

This has led to the growth in Cloud security tools which can monitor the movement of data in and out on a platform for anomalies that may seem out of place. Unauthorized downloads and use of credentials, fraudulent use of data, etc. can be reported when the event occurs. Core Technologies Services, Inc. examines the impact of such security measures and the future of enterprises using this technology.

Following are the few areas that the future of Cloud security shows a promising growth and also considerable spending from enterprises:

  1. Data encrypted Cloud security gateways also can include the feature of shadow IT detection, data loss prevention, malware detection and Cloud access anomaly detection providing layered security for a process.
  2. In IaaS and PaaS workloads, centralized could security management can help to control security and file configuration integrity.
  3. Hypervisor security tool helps to monitor activities between guest operating system and hypervisor giving an enhanced control over all the aspects of the business processes.
  4. Native IaaS/PaaS platform security tools can include data classification and categorization, server access control and data-at-rest encryption for services from Cloud platform providers.

With such aspects of security taking in force, the future sees a considerable rise in spending on Cloud security measures to ensure data handling and end-to-end control on enterprise activities. For upcoming enterprises, the cloud offers security options that are more than sufficient with the above measures but for large corporations, additional layers of security are needed.

Either way, the future sees a good opportunity for growth for Cloud securities and we at CoreIT envision enhanced Cloud security for SMBs and large industries of tomorrow.