Serverless is the next step in cloud computing’s evolution

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Serverless is the next step in cloud computing’s evolution
Serverless is the next step in cloud computing’s evolution
June 07, 2019

Serverless computing is already here and making waves in the IT sector and stands as the next big thing for the future. CoreIT sees the evolution of serverless as the freedom for many enterprises in future with respect to convenience and creativity.

It can be simply explained as three layers sitting on top of an existing computer, network and storage resources. 

Below are few important binding aspects of serverless computing:

  • Serverless computing will remove traditional operational functions and issues of the developer and provides them focus on writing code for innovative applications.
  • A framework for the creation of that code is provided with the event-driven programming model making it ideal for adaptable applications such as IoT. The framework manages cause and effect of the code being written and thus makes an app functional.
  • As service provides the architecture with functional patterns and reference to assemble the application, the code and logic functions as the brains behind the effect that enables an appropriate response.

Benefits of serverless computing

Cost savings: A serverless environment can be cost effective as it helps cost savings as there is no fixed cost per instance deployed; instead enterprise pay on for the actual time when those instances are actually used.

Scalability: The ability to scale an application to meet user demand is handled by the platform hosting the code in a serverless environment. This eliminates operational concerns about pre-provisioning or over-provisioning servers even if there are numerous apps running.

Serverless and IoT
With IoT, driving better outcomes become possible. And serverless computing can see the uptake of workloads that involve data processing, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive bots, mobile back ends, APIs, etc.

Thus CoreIT believes a serverless environment allows dealing with unpredictable loads and using them to drive value or connectivity to various lines of business that are going to deliver a better long-term customer experience.