Ransomware Attack?? Here’s what to do..

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Ransomware Attack??  Here’s what to do..
Ransomware Attack?? Here’s what to do..
January 02, 2019

Tips to prevent a cyber-threat

Creating backup: We advise everyone to create a backup for their sensitive data. Backing up the data and saving it on to an external drive can save unexpected exposure or hacks. Using it as an archive will enable the user to retrieve data without any interference from unknown sources.

Updated Software: CoreIT recommends keeping an up-to-date software which helps to prevent attacks from any of these nasty viruses or keeps them from entering the system, thereby corrupting the data. These updates warn you to take immediate action to prevent threats in real time.

Cloud hosting: Cloud Hosting offers a good secure server for the user and could help prevent any ransomware attack. The Cloud Hosting services offered by CoreIT offers the appropriate cloud strategy that you need, and which blends with your existing IT infrastructure seamlessly.

Email threat: Emails from unknown sources with attachments may contain viruses or programs that can hack/ leak or corrupt the system. Care must be taken before opening unsolicited emails with attachments or links that may cause harm to the computer/ servers.

Best practices for a secure system:

Good practices are essential for keeping a good security system at its best and here are the few ways:

Backup: Periodic backup of data into an archive for future is a good practice while working on a project that is highly sensitive.

Access Protocols: We strictly advise email validations like Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Message Authentication Reporting, Conformance (DMARC), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), etc.to prevent spams and email spoofs.

Script login: CoreIT ensures transcription enabled script block logging, which helps to login into a centralized source where every login and activity can be monitored and an end to end control can be enabled for our clients.

Macros and Filters: Applying filters for emails, web search and disabling macros can help dissipate threat to a large extent.

Policy for external devices: Disabling the use of external devices like USBs can help prevent incoming threats to a great extent.

Core Technologies Services, Inc. provides the best system environment for our clients. Forall similar services contact us and we will get back to you with the best solution for your business.