Optimizing Cloud Costs in a Multi-Currency World

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Optimizing Cloud Costs in a Multi-Currency World
Optimizing Cloud Costs in a Multi-Currency World
April 22, 2019

The challenges of managing usage and spending are escalating with businesses across the globe moving more workloads to the cloud. There are several limitations that prevent companies outside of North America from getting the most out of their clouds even with an explosion of tools and apps designed to address this growing problem.
CoreIT gives here few optimizing tips when your main revenue resources are based abroad. 

1.  Currency Conversion: The number one reason that businesses want to move to the cloud is to save money. With cloud, customers can view rates and charges in their local currency even if the cloud provider only deals in USD. For example, an AWS customer from India will be able to view their cloud spend in Rupees from within the Cloud Cruiser 16 app, even though Amazon only provides their bills in USD.
2.  International Formatting: The next reason that businesses struggle with is how their currency is displayed in apps since different regions represent their numbers in different ways. With cloud optimization, it will be simple to select your preferred locale to ensure that your usage quantities, cost and rate values, and other numbers are easy for your users to understand. This includes the use of separator character such as a comma, period, or space for decimals and other numeric intervals, and placing currency symbols before or after the number.
3.  Multi-Currency Optimization:  Global companies have cloud subscriptions originating from different countries, resulting in bills that span multiple currencies. With the right optimization it becomes easy to view reports and dashboards in a single currency, delivering more consistent, meaningful cloud analytics across entire global business.  Each charge on a bill will be converted using the exchange rate in effect on the date of the charge, ensuring that decisions are being made on the most accurate data possible. 
With the above areas of Optimization, CoreIT has helped many businesses help solve the issues of multi-currency with Cloud. To know more write to us and get your Cloud multi-currency solution today.