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Office 365 Migration Challenges and Solutions
Office 365 Migration Challenges and Solutions
July 08, 2020

Office 365 has witnessed quite an impressive growth but still, businesses are facing challenges in migrating to office 365. The challenges arise around maintaining a hybrid environment, security, compliance requirement, and cost optimization.

Whatever the concern and the platform from where we are migrating you to Office 365 it requires a lot of planning and decision making. Without the right migration planning, it will not be possible to get the best out of your Office 365 purchase. Have a look at some Office 365 Migration Challenges and Solutions that you should must consider before opting for one. 

Key Challenges & Solutions:

Hybrid Environment:

Migrating from an on-premise environment to Office 365 is not that difficult but the process gets quite challenging when business desires to keep certain elements of their on-premise and migrate the rest of the users to Office 365 cloud.

Our engineers assist organizations that require flavor of both, on-premise and on the Microsoft cloud, by implementing single sign-on (SSO) with active directory federation services.

Many CIOs resist migrating to Office 365 because of fear cropping from the thought that the same multi-tenant environment for all Microsoft customers is not secure. Microsoft has implemented many safety measures to keep data secured on its cloud. Moreover, fear of business disruptions during the migration to offie 365 brings resistance from the CIOs.

At Core IT we bring the experience of our engineers who have provided the remedy for every imaginable scenario related to the migration of mailboxes to Office 365 with minimal busin


ess disruption. For large organizations, the cloud migration process is a multi-phased project, and to make it a seamless experience we adopt industry best practices and the guidelines by Microsoft.


COVID-19 has changed the way business will be done in the future. Microsoft has witnessed 2 years’ worth of digital transformation in 2 months. With growing concerns related to compliance due to rapid change in the last few months, Microsoft has made a large investment to manage compliance for businesses across industries in areas related to


  1. Data protection
  2. Data governance
  3. Compliance and security in Microsoft Teams
  4. Insider Risk Management

Cost Optimization:

When It comes to adopting Microsft and other proprietory solutions the fear of the huge cost of licenses creeps in. With Microsoft Office 365 there is no need to fear about the same.

Our team assists in cost optimization by managing the licenses and supporting you to adopt the purchased Office 365 suite.


Core IT works as an extended technology arm of your business that helps in areas around

  1. Problem Management
  2. Adoption
  3. Change Management

Microsoft provides basic support to all its customers with 72 hours of resolution time. To get better service customers can signup for Premier Support contract but that would be quite an investment for an SMB.

We provide continuous support 24x7 to deliver a seamless experience. Our engineers are trained and experienced to provide functional and technical support.

As a process, for the migration to Office 365, we set up the roadmap for rollout and manage the onboarding requirements. We work closely with the business team to carve out a long-term strategy to ensure continuity and add value to our services.

Our monthly reports with all office 365 configuration changes, monthly SLA with a summary of all support tickets, status, resolutions and CSAT has helped us to gain customer trust and maintain transparency in the relationship.

Our team manages the complete administration of Office 365 that including change management for all likely Office 365 settings while maintaining security policies in Office 365 so that you can focus on core business. Our periodic updates provide information on the use of the Office 365 licenses and optimization tips.