Network Management Services

Network Management Services
Network Management Services
August 14, 2019

At Core Technologies Services, Inc, it is often asked why do we need a NMS or why such a network is essential for an enterprise! This is because networks have become complex compared to those in the past. Since the businesses are active on a global level, networks have become increasingly borderless and span over different geographical areas. Since the Internet is the tool, which unites all sorts of such services anywhere around the world, we constantly rely on it as a work tool, source of information, entertainment, communication and many other things. To manage them becomes tedious and therefore managed network services are required to ensure peak performance for such a herculean task. 

To understand this fully, we need to know what kind of benefits we derive from a Network Management Service(s). Let’s have a look here below:

Network management systems provide multiple services. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Monitoring of Network- NMS software can monitor network hardware and ensure all devices are operating correctly at their full capacity. They can create alerts that can be sent to network administrator’s console in case any issue is detected.
  2. Detection of the new device: This comes as a security feature, especially when a new device is connected to a network. The inclusion and configuration of a device added to a network is known as device provisioning which enables easy flow of information around the group of connected device in the network. Managed network security service make this easy for device provisioning and also look after security at the same time.
  3. Evaluation of Performance: NMS can easily measure the current and historical performance of a network including overall performance of the network as well as individual devices and connections. For instance, NMS can detect aspects such as whether the throughput of a network is nearing the maximum bandwidth available or can the data be used to optimize the flow of traffic, recommending the addition of new hardware if needed, etc.
  4. Device management: NMS can manage multiple devices from a central location and can be used to configure a device or modify settings based on the performance analysis.

Why use an NMS?
Still, after giving numerous reasons, there are companies and personnel who are not convinced that NMS can be useful for them. Therefore, we at CoreIT have an array of services like managed network services, IT network services, managed network services as well as network support services.

Such an array is provided for convenience as a large network, such as those found in enterprise configurations, server farms, data centers, and corporate networks may have thousands of connected devices. Then it becomes crucial to have a central network monitoring system to manage the devices. And NMS is an efficient way to locate, update, repair, and replace any network equipment as per need.

The major benefits include keeping the flow of communication and information open and available throughout the network allowing network users access to other systems, such as databases and e-mails. System Administrators can create, install, maintain and update networks for a variety of businesses and enterprise goals. 

CoreIT, therefore, recommends the use of NMS for better IT network services within your organization with a proper network support. To get a blueprint for NMS do write to us today