Key Trends in Cloud Infrastructure

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Key Trends in Cloud Infrastructure
Key Trends in Cloud Infrastructure
January 28, 2019

History of Cloud

The idea of Cloud was vaguely conceived in the sixties; however, to bring it on a feasible working platform happened only a decade ago. Though a late bloomer, the working capabilities of Cloud computing cannot be disputed and SBMs swear by it for their rise in business. Core Technologies Services, Inc. traces the key trends with the advancing of Cloud solutions and its development. 

Multi-Cloud solution

Apart from private, public and hybrid Cloud solutions, multi-Cloud computing is one of the milestones that Cloud has been able to reach within a decade. It gives the flexibility to host across multiple data centers and use it collectively. It has good resilience in a network and can handle latency issues quite efficiently. Integration of management and security became possible with a seamless transfer of information with multi-Cloud solutions.

IT Infrastructure

Data analytics has risen to cater to the demands of growing businesses and so has the IT infrastructure to meet its demands. Cloud is the current answer and trend to such demands, as big data companies rely on a flexible platform such as Cloud to scale up businesses. CoreIT credits the success of many of our clients with scalable infrastructure solutions that has been a strategic advantage for their business.

Smart Storage

A virtual store of information was possible with Cloud on a global level; this is one of the reasons why this technology has kicked off at such a magnitude. Another factor along with scalability is the speedy seamless transfer of information that comes with Cloud.

With the increase in big data analytics, this ‘smart’ virtual storage comes with a tier system that helps data migration in a systematic manner. Due to both performance and flexibility, Cloud storage surpasses its passive nature of just being an area to store information. Such development has led to the invention of autonomic storage which combines the next generation of hybrid storage solution as well as houses complex applications along with its effective operations with interconnected systems coupled with security.

With such significant strides, CoreIT always updates our existing and new customers about future trends that can improve their businesses multi-fold. Partner with us to have the best secure network and service solutions to grow your business to a world-class level.