IT security & SMB

IT security & SMB
IT security & SMB
March 18, 2019

Today cyber threats have grown to such levels that no enterprise can remain virtually safe without security measures. It is a misinformed notion that cyber threats are only relevant to big corporations and SMBs can wiggle their way out since a startup which was established yesterday might be insignificant for a hacker to attack.

Core Technologies Services, Inc. describes few benefits of IT security for SMBs and startups:

Cost effective: Cloud-based backup and security are affordable for businesses that are just starting out. As it does not rely on heavy investments, the OPEX oriented Cloud can be built in one or more parts with changing business needs.

Computational powers: Cloud has the capability to identify and shut down rogue traffic allowing seamless business continuity for SMBs. Compared to on-premise security services, Cloud can handle complex and multi-faceted security threats with low downtime without any compromise in service conditions.

Cybersecurity: The future holds the prospects of automation and AI. With that perspective in mind, security for future can be delegated to Cloud resources. Currently, many companies are researching and developing security measures that are a part of the possible future and therefore Cloud security can be seen as an investment to solve future threats.

As cyber threats can be overwhelming at times, SMBs may not be able to handle security internally and therefore, having Cloud-based security will help to manage, handle and shut down a possible attack before creating any damage to the business processes.

CoreIT believes, since hackers are aware of the potential of SMBs, it has become a growing need to have a credible security for IT platforms. Since Cloud is offered as SaaS, businesses can rely on the features of cost-effective security with good computing powers. To explore the nuances of security for your business, reach out to us with your queries and consult us on the areas of development of your business.