Integrated Infrastructure Services Framework

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Integrated Infrastructure Services Framework
Integrated Infrastructure Services Framework
March 20, 2019

The Integration Framework is a complete set of standards to integrate existing legacy systems to end-management applications in Cloud. It is used in conjunction with the other frameworks and reference architectures, allowing digital service providers to identify key integration points in their architectures. This helps in increasing adoption and allows rapid integration with new partners and also provides internal interfaces needed to create a complete end to end management system for hybrid virtual and physical infrastructures.

Integration of infrastructure services is essential to create innovative agile systems capable of managing the connectivity between data, hardware, and software across traditional and Cloud platforms.

With Cloud’s pay-as-you-use model, the provision for agile architectures with centralized storage, scalable analytics, and computation capabilities become easy. With such features, it becomes easy to amalgamate old and new ways of working with evolving business and help clients adapt to new technology.

With relevant research undertaken by Core Technologies Services, Inc. , it was found that every enterprise looks at Cloud as a gateway to an efficient and agile platform that can align services to workloads which improve performance, economics and security requirements.

With Cloud infrastructure, enterprises can design and build dedicated on-premise services for their business goals. As for managed services, Cloud can provide enterprise-grade level services on Public cloud platforms to enable business-critical applications as apart of IT strategy. All these factors are possible on an Integrated Infrastructure Service framework provided by the cloud.

Additionally, Storage Resource Optimization (SRO) service becomes a reliable option for enterprise application on Cloud. Due to this, rapid deployment is possible and digital transformation becomes a repeatable process with business continuity and low downtime. 

To know more about integrated infrastructure service of Cloud, partner with CoreIT to have an insight on the current technologies and the area of improvements in an enterprise that can lead to growth and high performance. Send us your queries and stay updated with the current changes in the IT sector.