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How enterprise can choose right cloud architecture among the Hybrid, Private, Public and Multi cloud.

How enterprise can choose right cloud architecture among the Hybrid, Private, Public and Multi cloud.

The Cloud revolution has brought in the trend of polarizing various Cloud architectures and has let to propagating one Cloud solution as better over the other. The debate still continues and CoreIT finds that many of the enterprises do not have a clue about the right architecture that will serve the best interests of an organization. 

The ‘Right’ Approach
Although, the great cloud migration is underway, it is believed that 20 to 30 % of workloads won’t join Cloud and would rely on traditional means which is the realistic picture of future. This is because private and hybrid clouds are often poor choices for enterprises and pairing traditional systems with public clouds can be valid and cost-effective ‘traditional hybrid-cloud’ architecture.

The ‘right’approach remains the same – evaluating business requirements, budget and the future scaling of the Cloud architecture. It must be understood that though an architecture can inherently be better than its counterpart, sometimes the ‘less’ configuration maybe the better choice for your organization, since the business goals depend on them. 

For this the enterprises need to move away from the marketing polarization around a particular Cloud architecture and pick the correct one by analyzing the need for data, processes, security, governance, performance, costs, and operations.

Intellectual dishonesty of cloud-architecture purists
Cloud architecture is often propagated by the providers with a lot of emotion as they spend a fortune in creating marketing messages that tend to push an enterprise in believing a particular offering is better than the required one. Staying away from such ‘intellectual dishonesty’ will prove beneficial as a huge investment can be wasted if a wrong architecture is implemented. 

CoreIT understands the above dilemma and does all the ‘boring’ work of assessing technology with enterprise goals to understand what Cloud architecture is suitablefor an enterprise based entirely on the technology and business requirements, and not on an article you might read. To know more, write to us today


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