How to fight some of the Cloud Security Threats?

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How to fight some of the Cloud Security Threats?
How to fight some of the Cloud Security Threats?
March 22, 2019

Security threats are often a concern for enterprises operating in Cloud. However, security technologies are evolving with new age tools that provide control and visibility over system processes. By planning a strategy for unique attacks, the gaps and vulnerabilities in hybrid and multi-cloud can be bridged with a proactive approach to solve Cloud security challenges.

Core Technologies Services, Inc. gives below some steps to counter Cloud security threats in a practical manner:

Understand common Cloud threats
Recognizing risks and security challenges like shadow IT, inadequate encryption techniques, compliance issues, etc. can help to understand the required security necessary for an enterprise’s operations. This would help to mitigate risks and ensure an efficient computing environment.

Forming a security strategy for Cloud
Re-evaluating the complete IT strategy after migration and researching cloud provider’s capabilities and service provisions will help to determine the right security for an enterprise. Adding third-party security tools to address additional security requirements, if necessary, must also be considered.

Cloud Testing
Simulating a Cloud attack to test the security of an existing mainframe is one of the ways to assess the vulnerabilities in a system. No one system and security measure fits all enterprise operations and therefore testing Cloud security like a hacker would help to have an insight on the weakness in security measures of Cloud.

Updating Cloud Security
Core Technology suggests enterprises to stay updated on security software and other third-party tools as Cloud is evolving and service providers are competing with one another to offer better security services. This, in turn, helps an enterprise to keep security threats at bay with latest updates and mitigate security weaknesses in limited time with business continuity.

Apart from this, CoreIT recommends the use of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) that focus on protecting any in-between areas that are vulnerable to attacks or hacks as a unique solution to bridge the gap between on-premise systems and Cloud. To know more, send us your query and we will be happy to provide a solution to your security needs.