How to ensure the security in Cloud-based knowledge base?

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How to ensure the security in Cloud-based knowledge base?
How to ensure the security in Cloud-based knowledge base?
June 14, 2019

Cloud has progressed rapidly to create numerous cloud-based apps out of which cloud-based knowledge base is one of them. As per our research at CoreIT, a knowledge base is basically a digital resource which contains data along with protocols for sharing and updating information in an organization. Such a knowledge base can either be placed on a local server or an internet cloud to optimize the collection of related information and also provide controls to govern the way that employees in an organization use available data.

Security measures for cloud-based knowledge base: The basic form of security in the cloud is encryption. Usually, a cloud application that works as a web server provides access to request, which means the enterprise does not have need physical storage of sensitive information.  Besides these, there are numerous security measures that come as a standard when selecting cloud-based knowledge management software. Here are a few measures that can be followed:

Dedicated Hardware: Enquiring about the physical location of your data to your cloud-based knowledge management software provider can ensure the actual security measures implemented for your data storage.

Consistent Backups: Backup works as an important security element while using a local knowledge base system because it protects you from the cyber threats and hackers. Backups allow enterprises to ignore such threats and restart their server physically by taking data from their backup.

Security Certifications: Today, HIPAA and PCI certifications are given to data centers that use advanced security measures which are a way to project reliability for enterprise data and computing. Such certifications ensure that the service providers follow important protocols that industry experts consider mandatory for maintaining secure services.

Sophisticated Encryption: Cloud-based knowledge base solutions today are provided with powerful encryptions that are SSL certificated along with other industry encryptions to ensure data is transferred securely from the client end to the cloud.

With the above measures, CoreIT has found that security threats to cloud-based knowledge management software reduced drastically leading to a secure ecosystem for cloud-based enterprises.