How to design a smart Cloud Procurement Strategy?

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How to design a smart Cloud Procurement Strategy?
How to design a smart Cloud Procurement Strategy?
March 29, 2019

The First Step
When an enterprise opts to adopt Cloud as its main IT resource, Core Technologies Services, Inc. always recommends that it is absolutely vital to take into consideration the inputs of every responsible personnel from all corners of an enterprise for deciding the core business operations. This is to ensure that every stakeholder understands the objectives and outcomes before penning a procurement plan.

This gives a clear picture and ascertains that the decision makers have an idea of the positive and negative aspects of migration, as well as ensure cost implications that are profoundly different from traditional IT. Understanding the services procured as PaaS over IaaS or SaaS and its saving options, requirements for managed and unmanaged services; its cost, etc. must be the essential areas while designing a good procurement strategy.

Security & Governance Factors

Next, comes involving security and data governance issues that many enterprises are skeptical, as these elements are totally different from existing traditional systems. Therefore, the operational challenges must be incorporated into the procurement model and must be compared with providers who have the understanding of such factors with proper demos.

Monitoring & Reporting 

To ensure consumption and management of procured resources, monitoring and reporting are absolutely essential as a part of the package. This is often overlooked and leads to failing of a procurement plan and abandoning of the migration.

The credibility of the Provider

Last but not the least, partnering with the right provider is critical since the provision for an uninterrupted service depends on the reliability of offerings from a provider. The correct terms and conditions of flexibility for current and future growth must be evaluated before forming an SLA. 

Keeping the above aspects in mind, CoreIT always moves with an action-oriented, step-by-step procurement plan to allocate responsibilities to the core decision makers and ensure the proper utilization of resources. Join us to know more about Procurement planning and execution for Cloud resources and migration today.