How is Data stored in Cloud Computing?

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How is Data stored in Cloud Computing?
How is Data stored in Cloud Computing?
February 06, 2019

Understanding Cloud in its simplest form

Core Technologies Services, Inc. brings to you the simplest way to understand what a cloud is and how storage is accomplished in the system. 

Any cloud system, at its basic level, is a single data server connected to the web. The facility that houses numerous servers is called a Data Center. Data centers have multiple servers that run complex operations for businesses.

Earlier, when a user saved data on his computer, the data was copied on a non-premise server. With the cloud, the physical server is eliminated and the data gets stored on the servers within data centers. The server which stores a particular user’s data is leased/rented on a monthly basis to the user. This usage can be increased or decreased and the customer is billed according to the usage only. This is how cloud works commercially.

Looking at the technical side, cloud storage houses a user’s data by sending a copy of the same via the internet to a data server which records the information. This information is retrieved as per need through a web-based interface. The user can access, manipulate or erase the data suiting his needs just like how a computer’s hard disk is used. Simply put, a virtual ‘Hard Disk’ is called a cloud.

Storing multiple copies of the same data on many cloud servers as a backup during maintenance or repair is called Redundancy. This ensures the user can access their data at any given time from anywhere even when the cloud is being upgraded. 

This method of redundancy can be used in many ways like creating a data backup or an archive to make space for new data. This ensures that the user has his data available to him even if his personal system crashes. This is how data is stored in the cloud in a nutshell.

Now, just like an antivirus, security lock, password protection, etc. on a computer, cloud also uses methods of protection which are usually complex and have layers of security against threats. This gives security to any client data on a cloud storage system. Examples of Cloud Services are Google Docs, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. 

CoreIT offers cloud services for business to store, manage and retrieve valuable data from a virtual server at best prices. With cloud, you could scale your business with low entry costs and achieve a global presence.