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How cloud empowers Visual IoT applications
How cloud empowers Visual IoT applications
April 29, 2019

Earlier the world of surveillance was limited to CCTV. It was a simple solution that would be used to monitor and analyze visual data. Accessing footage usually meant a site visit to download material onto a DVD or USB stick for later review. Currently, a huge amount of CCTV data is processed but only small percentage is actually used to identify problems such as unauthorized access to buildings or potential criminal damage. 

However, today this area has been overtaken by smart adapters that can send data directly to secure storage on cloud that can be viewed by authorized users for reviewing on personal or mobile devices. This has now started to transform the use of CCTV in sectors such as housing, policing and homes. Due to such a transition, CoreIT feels that VIoT is the next step to digital surveillance and review.

How has it VIoT changed with Cloud?
With VIoT applications the footage is more accessible and cloud enables users to add basic features not present in traditional camera-based systems such as remote monitoring and alerting, cloud-based CCTV with building security systems, adding visual verification to intruder alarms, etc. Such systems enable security companies to monitor properties visually in event of a threat or can quickly determine differences between legitimate break-in sand a false alarm. This allows huge savings in time and money, as well as enabling immediate action to be taken if appropriate.

Where can these be implemented?
This technology can be incorporated in traffic, weather, crime and accident reporting as the data could be combined with that of others to create an accurate picture of an event. Thus, VIoT devices can connect to other linked devices and transmit information using Internet transfer protocols making it an important for analytics systems, including edge analytics, cloud analytics in future. Similarly, if the same principle is applied to business premises and utilities for safety, CoreIT believes maintaining security of property and machinery can become convenient. Thus, Visual Internet of Things helps to provide powerful advantage in achieving business goals and accomplishing milestones.