Ever considered managing compliance on Cloud?

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Ever considered managing compliance on Cloud?
Ever considered managing compliance on Cloud?
February 27, 2019

What are Cloud compliance and its management?

Consider the simple example of storing your personal data on an office computer. There is always a chance that the system may be accessed by some other person and the sensitive data might be exposed to others. However, as a shield like encryption or password protection, for instance, gives a controlled access to the relevant people only keeping your personal data protected.

For an enterprise, all its business-critical data is ‘personal’ data and Cloud is an open storage where it can be accessed by anyone. The measures taken to secure the data has to be regulated and managed with changing times and therefore managed security and data governance is always attracting inquiry for any new change made on the Cloud platform. Core Technologies Services, Inc. offers managed services to resolve such situations by regulating service protocols with governing compliance as a service provider.

Having said that, Cloud, today, offers compliance to every sector like PCI compliance (for credit card processing), HIPAA compliance (for healthcare information security), and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance (for process logging at publicly traded companies) and even for European regulations. 

By implementing a managed set of rules and regulations that can change with time and deployments, enterprises can opt for service providers who can agree on common grounds via SLAs for services rendered. By linking Cloud services with on-premise and other Cloud platforms with a relevant SLA, existing systems can be modified into new applications as per enterprise goals. Even for a complex ecosystem with diverse networks, integrations are available as major Cloud providers offer compliance directly to an enterprise nowadays, allowing growth over time.

CoreIT always follows the approach of compliance for security, data governance and allied services necessary for an organization for the implementation of SLAs for our esteemed partners. We care about mission-critical data and managed security protocols to the needs of an enterprise focusing on the growth parameters of IT infrastructure. 

This helps our partners from health, engineering, research and development, marketing and a lot of other sectors to enjoy peace of mind but at the same time, run the best service in the industry at par with their cost structure. Join us today and look for managed services from us to solve issues about compliance