Don’t get fooled by the cheapest Cloud Price

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Don’t get fooled by the cheapest Cloud Price
Don’t get fooled by the cheapest Cloud Price
February 25, 2019

Cloud Services at a low price

To get the attention of the market and IT crowd, Cloud providers often resort to publicizing Cloud at unbelievable rates that may have companies buying certain services. However, many companies who fall for such hyped publicity often end up paying more for additional services and go beyond their budget. 

But if an enterprise would look into the services from the point of view of their organizational goals, then they can go for an optimum plan that may not have a cost-creep effect but is billed at consistent rates affordable for the company.

Core Technologies Services, Inc. often consults such companies who need to know the kind of Cloud service and we often explain them with the following example. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a major chunk of Cloud storage and the pricing of their Cloud services depend on their marketing rate which in turn gets followed by second, third and lower-tier cloud providers. To ensure business, these secondary and auxiliary-tier service providers keep their prices below that of AWS. This trend continues till AWS decides to drop their price for a particular service and the lower providers have to come up with a new pricing strategy for their services. Hence the picture of the low price for Cloud services gets publicized in the market for a competitive edge.

However, these low-cost services utilize specific patterns of use which indirectly gets correlated to the amount of storage occupied for computing in Cloud till operational changes are made. An enterprise pays for ‘this’ computing process and the bills are generated as per use. When a certain change is implemented, that change alters the computing capacity of the existing pattern and a new additional cost incurs. 

So the initial low-cost service will add another component to it, making it a larger value. Instead, if a flexible plan with the option of scalability is chosen then, the initial price may be higher, but the billing will remain the same with minimum variation if any.

CoreIT factors the use of Cloud services on the organic growth of data and the functional changes that an enterprise needs with the implementation of a cloud governance and cloud metrics program that gives options for scalability at competitive prices. This helps make savings on the OPEX and gives reasonable scope for scalability for a business body. Get in touch with us to know the plan details as per your requirements today.