Data as an asset in Cloud - How?

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Data as an asset in Cloud - How?
Data as an asset in Cloud - How?
May 27, 2019

Though data has been hailed as the next big thing that can revolutionize enterprises, customers are not yet taking it seriously. This has resulted in low security of data and led to many data leaks in the past. CoreIT believes that proper extraction of value from data can help to gain competitive advantage for any business. Let us look at how it can influence the market and functioning of an enterprise.

Considering data as an asset the following can be attempted to gain a valuable insight in to available data.

Cleaning of available data
This is the start of discovering the potential of data. Enterprises keep collecting data without actually looking into areas where complete usage is possible. Instead, they store and secure without looking deeper. Identifying the need of available data can divert it to places where it can be used, but it needs to be proactively taken up with interest.

Controlling Data
Gaining control of data will actually bring in benefits and enterprises can decide on what to keep and what to discard. This will help to allocate data to on-premise systems or datacenters as per need. Treating priorities with respect to data makes it easy for segregation and allows the complete understanding of data within an organization.

Build the correct environment 
For data to be handy for use, it must have the right environment to thrive as a part of data strategy. Enterprise must decide on aspects like the type of storage, like containers, and the type of media or vendor offering to ensured data is not siloed. Placing it in the right repository can help the seamless movement between datacenters or traditional systems.

Last but not the least CoreIT would advise potential enterprises to look into data and work on it to gain full control and have a data-focused strategy. This can ensure that the data is being looked upon every now and then and maximum efficacy is mined from it.