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Cloud, platform-as-a-service, and open source as your next-generation database

Cloud, platform-as-a-service, and open source as your next-generation database

As 2017 draws to an end, a recap of the year shows a phenomenalrise in the use of Cloud technologies and aligned services which are likely to continue for coming years. CoreIT feels that the future is leaning more towards an optimized, self-managed, agile data platform built on Cloud.

It is a noticeable pattern with the Cloud paradigm that every enterprise has become cloud-centric along with the adoption of open source database engines and hugely relies on platform-as-a-service database solutions forming the next-gen architecture.

Here we look at these three factors and how they are responsible for the future working of Cloud.

Working with Cloud-centric databases
With the increase in Cloud usage, many IT companies preferred the ‘lift and shift’ approach. However as the migration progressed, it was seen that the versatile Cloud has more to offer and mere migration was only the scratch on the surface. So to adopt the full benefits of Cloud it was necessary to make the enterprise cloud centric.

Service Orientation 
According to Gartner’s The Key Trends in PaaS, 2017 it was found that PaaS was increasingly implemented for strategic initiatives as enterprise customers believe that PaaS will be the primary form of platform delivery in future.

This is because PaaS technologies are self-managed and self-operated which reduce operational overhead of maintaining database architectures. This allows the availability of time and effort of IT staff and database administrations to focus on business oriented activities thus making services available whenever needed.

Open source database engine
In legacy systems, the licensing cost was covered pointing out that commercial database engines are better when it comes to capabilities and features. However, with time open source database management systems have become much efficient and proven to be great alternative over legacy licensing. 

In conclusion, CoreIT finds that the future belongs to the convergence of the above aspects to make a complete database on which enterprises will run


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