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Cloud adoption does not slow down datacenter growth – Here’s why !

Cloud adoption does not slow down datacenter growth – Here’s why !

As the world is witnessing the change over from private and hosted traditional legacy systems at a very rapid rate, the need for more datacenters is obvious. New initiative like internet of things (IoT) relies on good datacenters and therefore the future spike in datacenters and its usage is inevitable. 

At the same time, CoreIT notices that the traditionally hosted datacenters are here to stay for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is that it is a part of the natural process of transitioning to Cloud as legacy systems cannot be completely shut off before bringing their functionality to Cloud. This, however, does incur a redundancy cost for enterprises.

Keeping this cost in mind and the additional investment, following factors are responsible for the delay in dumping the corporate datacenter:

Enterprises have reduced the use of datacenters publically, they will never give up their datacenters in future. It is somehow hard to convince or see the point for them as they do not seem to believe that the increase use of Cloud may eventually decrease their private datacenter usage. 

The next reason for enterprises to retain their existing datacenters is because of the considerable tax saving that can be attained by the companies. Owning the hardware and software tax advantages, CFO often find it beneficial for the overall tax savings of the company and try to retain the datacenter.

According to CoreIT’s research, legacy datacenters are getting old and expensive to maintain. In future modern datacenters and services are likely to take the upper hand and the factors keeping corporate datacenters will change. Enterprises, in time, will realize that the effective services of a datacenter are far more important than having numerous datacenters. 

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