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Cloud Computing Implementation tips
Cloud Computing Implementation tips
April 19, 2019

Though cloud is catching up with the proverbial race of migration and cutting-edge applications, many companies still work on the on-premise models, and it is a challenge for most of them because they need to understand how Cloud fits into the business processes and where the advantages are. As per a recent Gartner report, organizations will invest aggressively in future on cloud-first strategies and architecture. Another report – CloudEndure says that cloud migration revealed that the usage of the cloud – public, private or hybrid – will continue to increase every year.

Since the above research and survey trend indicates all industries and companies that are invested in technology and development, CoreIT lays out some tips for the ease of cloud computing implementation.

1. Choose something suitable, not popular
Do not get in to the hype of the most popular technology and instead choose what you require most. You should research and deploy a solution that solves your specific problem rather than opting for implementing something that worked for someone else. The right approach is to focus on your own business’s unique needs. 

2. Traditional criteria for purchasing
Do not rely only on the principle of “tried and tested”; consider criteria like integration into other solutions. Similarly, just because an approved vendor recommends does not mean that is the best solution for your company.  It must be gauged on the basis of ease for your users and the expected ROI.

3. Developing a device’s network
Adopting a unified communications strategy that includes a mobile working solution is the best option for companies. Considering a unified approach will improve the user experience, and allow companies to develop applications for every type of device they might use.

CoreIT believes enterprises that choose to implement cloud services must understand that there every strategy will vary from company to company depending on their specific requirements and needs. To know more reach out to us today.