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April 05, 2019
How to optimize on Cloud spending?

Optimizing the Cloud features and other functionalities incur expenditure for an enterprise which must be justified in the long run. Hence aspects such as cloud architecture and strategic sourcing must be studied to arrive at a comprehensive cloud spend optimization strategy.

April 03, 2019
Cost effective Cyber Security for SMB

SMBs are witnessing a steady increase in cyber attacks hence it becomes quite important for them to protect their business from hackers. There is no choice to make between, ‘to-be-secured or not-to-be-secured’, as an unsecured IT network can prove fatal to the business.

April 01, 2019
Why should Start-ups consider Cloud?

Cloud is versatile, scalable and cost-effective compared to traditional IT platforms. This makes it a suitable choice for startups to adopt Cloud as their primary resource with low capital investment initially, and scaling it up as per business needs.