AI - Is it a Plug-And-Play Solution?

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AI - Is it a Plug-And-Play Solution?
AI - Is it a Plug-And-Play Solution?
August 26, 2019

E-commerce has seen an incredible implementation of AI with chatbots and voice search options. However, beyond that, the promise of AI seems to be out of sight. Though a lot of things are promised as AI being the complete cure for IT and a system that can handle itself and the business automatically, it must be understood that AI is not something enterprises can plug in and start playing.

As enterprises are kicking off their AI pilots or seeing early results, they still need better data foundations and a level of business expertise that needs to understand AI and its implementation along with better resources. Core Technologies Services, Inc believes that AI is not an easy task as the enterprise business models will be rewritten from scratch if such a technology comes into the picture.

Here are the important areas that will evolve with AI and see a drastic change in business approach around the globe.

Analytics and Business innovation will change: With AI, decision making will undergo a drastic change. With real-time analytics through conversational user interfaces, the traditional point-and-click analytics will be able to provide better results

Big Data will evolve: AI will encourage Cloud-based strategy for Big Data analytics. Traditional data lakes will be merged or molded to fit in the AI strategy to provide a more real-time value on data analysis and its results. 

Better Customer Service: This sector is bound to see an increase and growth by leaps and bounds with AI. Since there will be better insights, the need for customer services and data engineers will become an area of employment with AI leading the way.

CoreIT predicts that with the ‘insights’ from AI growing rapidly, the firms will be able to provide better services and it will eventually become a complex market landscape within a short period of time with AI. But it all requires hard work and the approach of simply shifting away from old architectures is not going to cut it.