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5 Cloud Adoption Facts That Show How Businesses Are Readily Embracing Cloud

5 Cloud Adoption Facts That Show How Businesses Are Readily Embracing Cloud

Adopting Cloud service is a great move with changing times, as the service is one of the most versatile technologies of recent times. It is affordable and reliable, which is a huge relief for start-ups that are looking for scalable options in future.

Let's discuss these factors in detail:

1. Virtual Factor

Investing in hardware is always costly and a few of these purchased systems become redundant over the years. Migrating to cloud frees up capital meant for hardware and in-house IT infrastructure. Also, it takes away the pressure of upgradation as Cloud always works on continuous improvement of their services. As a bonus, it saves up on physical space too.

2. Enterprise Applications

Cloud services have been successful in dispelling the notion that it is a service for consumers alone. Enterprises are heavily relying on Cloud services for their applications as well as data and financials since the service offers versatility and flexible operation. Core Technologies Services, Inc. has experts that can offer a solution to your business problems and can save you a ton of resources that can be routed for better use.

3. Budget-friendly

Cloud services are a money saver for any business. Statistically, almost 70 percent of the work of a new start-up is being handled by cloud in times to come this percentage is going to rise. It takes away the need to buy hardware like servers for your business, saves on physical space and does not have to worry about upgrading the system. Apart from this, the service levy charges on usage only.

4. Growth Rate

Cloud is not a fad anymore. It is growing and so are businesses that have adopted cloud as their integral part. The technology has dispelled the fear of the system becoming redundant and therefore the sector is experiencing a growth of almost 20 percent every year. Big enterprises like Microsoft and Google has become a part of Cloud in recent times indicating that Cloud Services are here to stay.

5. Customer Friendly 

Cloud services have great potential and efficiency for our clients. CoreIT, therefore, recommends Cloud as one of the best options from our services as it gives scalability options. We as a service provider for cloud migration, application integration, and deployment for our clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Reach us at CoreIT, for more details on our services on Cloud computing and migration for your business and allow us the opportunity to make your business truly world-class.


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