4 Challenges in Cloud Migration.

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4 Challenges in Cloud Migration.
4 Challenges in Cloud Migration.
July 12, 2019

Cloud Migration has gained momentum in the recent past and has been adopted as a cost-effective solution for scalability for SBMs. Experts look into this new technology as a service focused towards growth and flexibility for business all around the world.

However, like every evolving system, Cloud Migration too has a few challenges that can be changed with coming times. 

1. Flexibility
Cloud computing has flexible options for dealing with cost, managing loads, and scalability. Migration to a Cloud requires flexible integration of applications and operational programs that otherwise run on a physical server customized to personal needs. Care must be taken to ensure that the applications are successfully integrated into the cloud platform and a seamless service is achieved without any disruption. CoreIT offers excellent solutions in this and has a long list of satisfied customers who enjoy our world-class service.

2. Security
One of the major concerns of any business is security. Migrating to a new platform is a security nightmare for IT personnel and therefore, Cloud Migration must help in providing a good secure service with minimal risk to data. Encryption of data is an essential requirement for accessing by a third party service provider or anyone outside a firewall. We comply with world-class services and follow all the protocols to ensure a secure cloud migration facility with minimum risk.

3. Visibility
One of the great features of Cloud computing is the auto upgradation of existing features and maintenance that takes a huge load away from the in-house IT personnel. However, this feature takes away the control on monitoring business information that the company intends to protect from third party viewing. Providing a visible monitoring feature is one of the issues that require attention today for the user’s peace of mind. 

4. Closed Platform
Selecting and managing integration solutions by an enterprise are usually limited since vendors offer services that are generic. This limits the customization options for a business when the time arises. Although, you can customize the service to your needs, changing business conditions may ask for a more rapid change from existing solution to a new one. With a third-party service, the process may take up some time in arriving at the next best possible solution while switching to new options.

Having understood the challenges of Cloud Migration, Core Technologies Services, Inc. plan and execute a viable solution after consulting our business partners with their goals and help them provide a service that can monitor processes in real time.