3 Hacks to better manage your Public Cloud Services

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3 Hacks to better manage your Public Cloud Services
3 Hacks to better manage your Public Cloud Services
March 01, 2019

Public Cloud deals with complex computing processes and often encounters tedious and time-consuming latencies. To make the use of Public Cloud services, Core Technologies Services, Inc. looks into some hacks that can help the user to get a better output as well as save time while working with Public cloud services. 

Console customization

Customization of console helps to increase productivity. Many private Cloud services including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft provide the option for a master control view of resources which helps to give a clear idea of what is provisioned and what is available. 

Public cloud being IaaS gives the user the capability to configure the console through drag and drop method. In this way, the customized view shows the more-accessed services at the top for convenience.

Use of CLIs

Command Line Interfaces or CLIs are provided by IaaS Cloud service providers which can be used instead of GUIs. 

CLIs uses launch scripts to perform operations such as provisioning group of resources or shutting them whenever required. It is noted that because of such benefits CLI users rarely opt for GUI once they get used to the ease of working with CLI.

Automating billing info

Billing issues are common and therefore, automating the process helps to give the user an idea of the daily mistake in a bill by setting trigger alerts. This can be easily done by setting up an email showing the track of all the resources and activities in a day to monitor the errors.

It also manages the use of those resources and can have a direct view of the cost of each component. 

With Public Cloud services, CoreIT believes that such minor hacks ease the usage of services and also makes the end-user experience worthwhile. For inquiry on such service hacks and optimization aspects, contact us to explore and revise your enterprise structure within budget.